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By Malka

Do you identify? Welcome, and stay tuned! (Note: Our name has hyphens in it due to the availability of the url.) This site provides information for Jewish singles ~ with a spiritual bent ~ regarding:

  • Building community with the meetup social networking platform (joining or creating a local group)
  • *Kabbalah, *Meditation, *Mussar,  *Political, *Shamanic, and *Barukh Basar teachings>
  • Issues in Jewish dating
  • Adding your blogs and comments
  • Online dating
  • Help building your own social networking product (contact Marin Documentation Group)
  • Sponsorship (this website, the meetup or affiliating with our online dating site.)
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    Reasons for Thinking Ill of Dating
    Both novices and experienced daters often think that dating is hard. It mostly deals with the youngest audience that used to chat online and are terrified of going out ever since. Free Internet access is progress, but it disables people from communicating traditionally sometimes. Furthermore, it is not only about building long-term relationships. Many millennials struggle to get even a no-strings-attached encounter since it’s not enough to text, “You are sexy. I want to fuck you” to attract a partner.
    Multiple stereotypes are another problem, turning guys and girls into their victims. We are usually overwhelmed with photos and images depicting perfect love. Fortunately, sites like collarspace make it possible for people with alternative sexual preferences to meet for kinks.
    Unlimited opportunities might also become a challenge. While swiping for hours, we forget to see the personalities behind the faces. Besides, sometimes it is difficult to identify whether a person wants the hookup or he/she looks for long-term relationships.
    If you need someone special in your life, it’s crucial to stop hiding behind the monitors and phone screens, escaping real intimacy. Don’t pretend to be another person while creating your profile since you might get lost among the invented personalities.

    Revisiting Shabbat: as a Jewish Spiritual Single

    By Malka

    It happened again…Friday night Celebratory Services at Chochmat Halev (a wonderful Jewish Renewal Congregation in Berkeley, CA) with a friend from the meetup. After many years of reticence, last week was special: when we welcomed the Sabbath bride, I actually felt goosebumps. Perhaps a hot flash? It certainly lasted a long time. There I stood in my congregation, facing the entry-way door, singing to the Shechinah at the moment of her arrival.

    What made this Shabbat different from all others? The fact that I was there with another lady from the meetup group who had similar interests. She has been searching for her bershert, and has entered the group of  “doubtful, but still hoping:”  are singles who have decided to stop actively searching, and get on with their lives. Should a bershert happen to appear, then our dreams will be met.

    Standing next to my girl friend and connecting with Shechinah was an experience I fully opened myself to. I closed my eyes and felt a warmth inside because the Shechinah is warm and light. I felt a moment of pure spirit, when my light-energy was alternately giving and receiving and I appreciated her fully. Our row held each other and swayed back and forth as the Shechinah passed among us.

    This valuable Shabbat experience is what we seek regularly: a connection with Adonai. And, Judaism commands that we feel it at least once a week. Practicing my new Jewish spiritual path and identity will help me discern a partner who is willing and able to share Jewish experiences together. Anything less is unacceptable. Maybe they’re not hot flashes after all? I hope you discover the beauty of Shabbat as a Jewish Spiritual Single, and invite others to share it with you.

    Progressive Thinking

    By Malka

    I’m not quite a red-diaper baby, but my interests are to the left. These organizations focus on compassionate listening and learning:

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